Physio Medic offers the most advanced treatment for soft tissue calcification. With a success rate exceeding 80%, shockwave therapy is non-invasive alternative to local infiltration and surgical intervention. Cases covered by this therapy include, but not limited to, Tennis Elbow, Calcified Suprapinatus and Calcaneal Spur. 

Shock Wave treatments: 

>> Treatment of calcaneal spurs (4 sessions)
>> Treatment of plantar fascitis (4 sessions)
>> Treatment of epicondylitis (4-5 sessions)
>> Tendopathy of the shoulder:
A - Calcification
B - Tendonitis
(4 sessions)
>> Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (4 sessions)
>> Treatment of Achillespathy
A- Calcification
B- Tendonitis
(4-5 sessions)
>> Trigger points (3-5 sessions)
>> Trocanteric Bursitis (3-4 sessions)