>> Where is it located?
Physiomedic is easy to reach. It's on the Fifth circle, Jabal Amman, behind Sheraton Hotel. Opposite to the main gate of the Arab Medical Centre, Hanania building, ground floor.
>> Why choose Physiomedic?
Because it is the most advanced physiotherapy centre in Jordan and the region. At Physiomedic we do not practice old methodologies of physiotherapy. We have well trained, and highly skilled and qualified staff memebers, as well as the most advanced equipment needed for therapy.
>> Do I need a referral to come for physiotherapy at Physiomedic?
Yes, you will always need a doctor's referral.
>> Do you take medical insurance?
Yes, we cooperate with several insurance agencies. Please call our front desk for assistance.
Tel. No. +96265933114 Mobile No. +962777704443.
>> Does the patient have enough privacy?
es, all patients' information is kept in the clinic's files and is only given to the patient when required, or upon his/her own request.
>> What qualifications do your physiotherapists and occupational therapists have?
They are all University graduates, some with B.Sc. Physiotherapy and some with M.Sc. Physiotherapy. They are all licensed by the Ministry of Health and members of the Jordanian Physiotherapy Society (JPTS).
>> What should I expect on my first visit?
Expect a complete assessment by which your ailment is appropriately addressed. Following an overview of your referral, a treatment program is drawn up, another appointment is set.
>> Do you have male and female therapists?
We have both, and it is upon the patient's request to receive treatment from practitioners of either gender.
>> How long will one session last?
It depends on your condition, but the average is between 50- 60 minutes.
>> How many sessions do I need?
It depends on your condition and progress.
>> Is there follow up done by the chief therapist during the course of treatment?
The chief therapist follows up with each patient's case by means of continuous cooperation with the treating therapist. Reassessment takes place periodically to ensure the patient's progress and to do prepare for any adjustments in the treatment plan.
>> Do I get a report post-treatment?
At the end of the treatment course, the patient is given a detailed report for his/her referring doctor.
>> Do you use machines in your treatment?
When needed, we use two types of treatment machines:
1-Pain management machines.
2-Exercise machines to encourage active therapy, and as a preventative method.
>> Do I need to wear special clothes for treatment?
No, we are prepared for this and give the patient a set of clean gowns.