Flatfoot is defined as a foot condition that persists or develops after skeletal maturity and is characterized by partial or complete loss (collapse) of the medial longitudinal arch. It may present as an incidental finding or as a symptomatic condition with clinical consequences ranging from mild limitations to severe disability and pain causing major life impediments.

Pathology and symptoms are caused by structural loading changes along the medial foot and plantar arch, as well as by collapse through the mid-foot and impingement along the lateral column and rear-foot

There are three types of Flat foot:

1- Flexible flat
2- Painful rigid flatfoot
3- Spasmodic flatfoot

The clinical consequences of excessively flat feet are numerous. Problems that can arise may include plantar fasciitis, bunions, metatarsalgia, heel-cord tendonitis, Low back pain, imbalance and others.


Flatfoot therapy is very important and can prevent serious foot problems! Physiotherapy is one of the most effective initial treatment options that involve specific strengthening and stretching exercises. This along with orthotic insoles worn in the shoes is the most helpful ways in treating flat feet.